We Let You Know Just How Write Letters to President Obama

We Let You Know Just How Write Letters to President Obama

Dear Mr. President.

You are being written by me this page in concern when it comes to economy, my loved ones, and my house. I am a 35 yr old mom of just one small child who is 5. We have an issue that i would like you to hear from the average family members attempting to make it through these crisis. I actually do not be expectant of that anything will be achieved, but I actually do wish you to listen to how exactly we are struggling.

I happened to be let go in June from the task that I became at for 8 years making quite a salary that is substantial.

My better half, who had been an electrician, happens to be let go since September of 2008. He had been called back again to operate in July 2009 but just worked for about 2 months before their business laid him down once more in which he was away from work from the time. I happened to be just in a position to land myself a job that is temporary my brand new employer is struggling to produce permanent. We don’t have any insurance coverage for the son so we live away from my income that is about 10K less an and unemployment year. We struggle residing to week to pay our mortgage- which was underwritten to a smaller amount so that we do not have to let our house go into foreclosure week. I would like you to possess an idea that is good of reputation for activities which have taken place with this bank and credit.

We refinanced our home loan in 2006 thinking we’re able to get a leg through to some of our credit cards and invest more money also into our house. They did not set up an escrow account – which they did not tell us when we refinanced with our bank. As soon as we figured it away – they fundamentally told us it absolutely was far too late. To make certain that said, we’ve been struggling to pay for our fees but we now have applied for a 401K my hubby had and then we paid our fees through July of this past year. We have experienced some crisis through our wedding which wound up costing us more in personal credit card debt. Continue reading “We Let You Know Just How Write Letters to President Obama”