Why Your Tinder Photos are Bad Quality / Blurry

Why Your Tinder Photos are Bad Quality / Blurry

NSFW: this informative article contains pics that are nude: everybody else listed here is 18+. We have permission to upload every nude picture. Very happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Because you’ve downloaded Tinder, uploaded some photos and immediately noticed Tinder has lowered the image quality, made your photos look a little blurry, added a “grainy” look to them – in short, they look shit if you’ve found my site recently through Google, it’s probably.

Why? Partly it is because Tinder overly-compresses the hell from the pictures, massively reducing the standard. There’s no option to get surrounding this; it takes place to all or any of us, myself included. This is a million times worse if you’re low-quality that is already using or small-resolution pictures to start with.

Your skill is just take the best value photos feasible, so that the Tinder compression doesn’t have just as much of a visible impact on the pictures. 99percent of guys I see whining about blurry/bad Tinder picture quality simply have actually crappy photos to start with – little quality, terrible illumination, making use of a vintage crappy smartphone, etc. Let’s fix those dilemmas now.

Why wouldn’t you tune in to me personally?

Because I’ve gotten laid 100+ times on Tinder including countless 3somes and a recently available MFFF 4some (evidence right here, including photos and vids).

I’ve invested years getting proficient at Tinder/online dating, and in case there’s something i understand, it is how exactly to just take Tinder pictures that’ll get you set. I’ve been a professional professional photographer for about 8 years, therefore photos are my forte. Here’s the Tinder pictures I’m making use of at this time:

These pictures have me personally set with very little work; there’s a definite tone that is sexualwe literally have actually BDSM pictures in my own profile), and we tell every woman we get together with I’m after one thing intimate. Continue reading “Why Your Tinder Photos are Bad Quality / Blurry”