Racial Disparities in Psychological State and Criminal Justice

Racial Disparities in Psychological State and Criminal Justice

July is Minority psychological state Month, an occasion focused on awareness that is raising the initial challenges that underrepresented communities face in accessing psychological state treatment into the U.S.

I will be a health that is mental at the Vera Institute of Justice, a business dedicated to closing mass incarceration and ensuring equal justice for many. For me, this understanding thirty days can be an occasion to think on the intertwined dilemmas of racial and wellness disparities inside our justice that is criminal system well as the task needed seriously to reduce them.

The Issue

The overrepresentation of people of color—especially black people—in the criminal justice system is really a fact that is well-established.

Vera’s Arrest Trends tool—which maps annual, nationwide arrest data—shows that black colored individuals were 2.17 times prone to be arrested than white individuals in 2016. Our Incarceration styles device shows also greater disparities that are racial with black colored individuals being 3.5 times very likely to be incarcerated in prison and almost 5 times prone to be incarcerated in jail nationwide.

Additionally, it is well known that individuals with psychological infection are overrepresented within the justice system that is criminal. Continue reading “Racial Disparities in Psychological State and Criminal Justice”