IS Foreign Women Smuggled Call At Northeastern Syria Camp

IS Foreign Women Smuggled Call At Northeastern Syria Camp

WASHINGTON – a team of intruders who disguised on their own as protection forces protecting al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria have actually helped smuggle down a few ladies associated with the Islamic State (IS) fighters, neighborhood authorities told VOA.

“Some smugglers wear SDF uniforms or protection authorities clothes, in addition they aided some IS females escape the camp for the money,” stated Judy Serbilind, who monitors IS female affiliates detained during the overcrowded camp.

Serbilind refused to reveal how many the escaped women but said there have been dozens. She stated a lot of them originated from outside of Syria, specially from European countries.

“We think that they fled to Idlib then to Turkey. We think a lot of them might get in touch with the embassies of these nations plus some (will) stay static in Turkey.”

Al-Hol is really a makeshift encampment set up for many who had been displaced throughout the war against IS with in eastern Syrian province of Dir el-Zour. The camp’s population skyrocketed from about 10,000 refugees in December 2018 to over 70,000 by April 2019 after A u.s.-led operation that defeated IS from the final stronghold of Baghouz.

After a few escape incidents, fearing a bigger effort by would be to infiltrate the camp, Kurdish-led protection forces whom guard the camp immediately increased their figures across the area, Serbilind told VOA. Continue reading “IS Foreign Women Smuggled Call At Northeastern Syria Camp”