Bamboozled: attempt ‘sugar daddy,’ lady finds scheme as an alternative

Bamboozled: attempt ‘sugar daddy,’ lady finds scheme as an alternative

Photoset: Bamboozled a relationship fraud

A relationship website are offered in all styles.

Some lure clients from particular religious or ethnical experiences. Other individuals depend on erectile desires, or target pet fans, cannabis aficionados, non-meat eaters and people who like mustaches.

There are web sites that appeal to wealthy men and women that happen to be willing to let other individuals monetarily in return for friendship.

And that is certainly the starting point for a scam that fooled a female from $4,670 in a three-day whirlwind of broken promises.

Angie, which expected us to not utilize their last name, posted a zero cost account on, a site that offers to attach “Sugar Daddies” or “sugars Mommas” with “sugary foods Babies.”

Angie, 30, believed she found out about the website from a pal. It was alluring, she stated, because she was tired with transpiring periods with immature as well as she should use additional cash.

Around the globe, the boasts 1.8 million Sugar Daddies and 450,000 sugary foods Mommas. Of glucose infants, they says they have 1.3 million male and 5.8 million feminine users.

The internet site claims it can help to promote “Mutually Effective plans.”

“a placement is where men and women are immediate with each other and stop throwing away hours,” the site states. “It provides people to right away identify things they need and require in a connection.”

It will continue to describe the web site: “Sugar toddlers take pleasure in a longevity of luxurious because they are spoiled with wonderful dishes, amazing travels and allowances. Continue reading “Bamboozled: attempt ‘sugar daddy,’ lady finds scheme as an alternative”